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Southwest of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Public Security Bureau building construction site is located in the New District Feng Road and development of Jishou City Road intersection angle of the dry state, the total construction area of 19984.94 square meters, ground floor, 3.3 meters tall, the ground layer 12, overhead layer is 3 meters high, 3.8 meters high in the upper layer, a layer of high into the hall 7.8 meters, the top layer of dispatching hall is 6.5 meters high, building eaves height of 46.55 meters. Including the construction of embedded system, integrated wiring design of computer network system, security monitoring system, multimedia meeting system, LED electronic screen system, card system, Computer Engineering (Network Center, network technology, security etc.).

本項目共包含15個子系統:Intelligent project in commercial parts contains 15 subsystem:

綜合布線系統          Comprehensive wiring system

有線電視系統           Cable TV system 

視頻監控系統           Video monitoring system

入侵報警系統           Invasion alarming system

一卡通系統               One-Card-Through system

電子巡更系統           Electronic petrol system

機房建設系統           Engine room construction system

程控電話系統           Program control telephone system

可視對講門禁系統  Visual intercoms assess control system
對講信號覆蓋系統  Intercoms signals coverage system

三網融合系統    Three-network mixture system

閉路監控系統    closed-circuit systems

防盜報警系統    Thief-guarding alarming system

背景音樂系統    Background music system

停車場管理系統     parking lot management system

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